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Game Jam by Game Anglia

Sorry, you missed this one!
Mon 27 May

Multiple days : Online

Activity Family friendly

A festival first!

The Game Anglia Game Jam will run prior to Norwich Games Festival, encouraging budding developers to create a game which will be playable during NGF24 (Thu 30 May - Sat 1 Jun).

Attendees can then play brand-new and never-before-seen content throughout the Festival.

A prize-giving ceremony will take place on Saturday 1 June, recognising a range of award categories, including the judges choice and audience voted Game Jam winners.

About the Jam 

The Game Jam will happen over a full week and two weekends, ending a few days before Norwich Games Festival. Everyone can work on and finish a game, no matter if you're a weekend warrior, participating in the evenings after university or college, or you are jamming every day.  

Create and finish a game your way, while taking regular breaks and working at a sustainable pace. 

Theme announcement, finding team members, and regular check-ins will be happening on Game Anglia's Discord.   

All games submitted must: 

🎨 Address the theme announced on the morning of the Game Jam 

🖱⌨ Be playable with a mouse and keyboard as no controllers will be present for the showcase 

📒 Have detailed instructions on how to play game present on the game's page or present in the game. They should be targeted at the public (i.e. folks who may have never played a game before) 

🌍 Be playable on We will not showcase games that are not playable in-browser, on itch, even if submitted as web pages.  This is to ensure that everyone visiting the Norwich Games Festival can play the games.   

Jam submission rules 

👯 Your team should be no more than 5 people, and you can participate as a solo developer 
🛠️ The development of your game must not start before the game jam start date 
🔡 You can use Asset Store assets and pre-made frameworks (e.g. a start menu framework), but not continue work on games you were already developing 
🌅 Your game must address the theme in some way. If the judges do not believe your game addresses the theme at all, we may choose not to showcase your game

Showcase and Awards 

All eligible games will be showcased at the Norwich Games Festival, between 30 May - 1 June. 

At least 1 member can be present in Norwich, UK, for the awards ceremony on the 30 May 2024. If no team member can be present for the awards ceremony, we reserve the right to not showcase your game and not consider it for an award.  

Sign-up and submit games here.

About Game Anglia 

Game Anglia supports young people and independent game developers in the East of England get the connections, skills and experience needed to succeed in the UK-wide and international game development industry. Since our first conference in 2017, we have empowered over 2,000 young people, assisted in the creation of 5 studios, and showcased 56 games.